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Why Pressure Wash?

Why Choose a Professional Pressure Washing Partner?

Partnering with a professional pressure or power washing company is one of the best ways to clean the exterior surfaces of residential, business, and commercial locations. Besides enhancing beauty and curb appeal, pressure washing has many additional benefits that can save money, raise property value, drive business, and prevent headaches in the future.


Saves Precious Time

Time is arguably one’s most treasured gift.  Compared to standard methods of cleaning, working with a professional pressure washing service saves YOU precious time. Hand washing or utilizing a “traditional home power washer” does not provide nearly the same efficiency, often taking hours, and sometimes even days, to achieve a fraction of the results.


Reduces Likelihood of Costly Repairs

Regular cleaning can help prevent costly repairs and ultimately increase the lifespan of exterior surfaces.

Short-term, eliminating dirt simply looks better! Long-term, it reduces the chances of decay, rot, and premature aging, eventually saving significant cost in repair or replacement. 

Routine cleaning helps identify potential issues early BEFORE they become big problems.  Consistently cleaning away dirt and debris creates the perfect opportunity to detect weak or rotting boards in decking or awnings. Any loose, cracked, or missing siding, along with minor damage due to weather or seasonal elements, can be identified and addressed promptly, helping to maintain exterior integrity and prevent further structural damage.


Business Appearance and Sanitation

Business and commercial property owners must be conscious of the overall appearance and cleanliness of their high-traffic exterior surfaces whether a store-front or back. i.e., parking lots, drive-throughs, dumpster pads, loading docks, parking ramps, employee entrances.  Regular cleaning of these areas eliminates unsightly stains, gum, and grime. Routine pressure washing also helps prevent the spread of disease along with rodent & pest issues and minimizes those disgusting smell that may linger around garbage disposal areas. Customers and staff alike notice and appreciate businesses who go above and beyond to keep these surfaces looking tidy.


Prevents Mold and Residual Build-Up

Removing harmful material from exterior surfaces is one of the key benefits of pressure washing.  Over time, siding and shingles become host to a variety of harmful growths such as algae, mold, and mildew. Left untreated, this buildup can cause serious damage; In fact, it is the leading cause of roof decay, resulting in leaks and heavy expenses that could be prevented with seasonal maintenance. 


Ensures Proper Gutter Functionality

When gutters are clogged with mold and debris, water does not flow away from a home or building correctly.  Water running down the exterior sides of structures can allow it to seep into walls, ruin landscaping and even weaken foundations. This can lead to saturation of the exterior walls, which can potentially damage their structural integrity. Regular washing of areas like the roof, siding, and gutters keeps exteriors functioning as intended.  This preventative treatment will avert a myriad of problems, headaches, and potentially save thousands of dollars.


Enhances Curb Appeal & Increases Property Value

Whether simply maintaining the beauty of a property or preparing to sell, professional pressure washing services can drastically change the look of a home or building by removing layers of grime and dirt layers that accumulate over time. 

Along with extending the life of siding and roofing, The National Association of Realtors claims that investing in pressure washing prior to sale can add an estimated $10,000-$15,000 in property value.  This simple routine maintenance can net significant gains in the real estate market.


Environmentally Conscious

The use of toxic chemicals usually associated with traditional exterior cleaning can be quite effective, BUT is often bad for the environment.  Professional hot water pressure washing does not require introducing toxic chemicals to the environment; rather it combines high heat with a water stream that is powerful enough to remove mildew and stains without having to use harmful chemicals.  A professional pressure washer also saves water. Since pressure washers apply so much force, it uses much less water than a standard garden hose.  In fact, some studies show that professional pressure washing may use up to 75% less water than traditional at-home power washing.

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